Covid County Data

Hi all - I wanted to introduce Covid County Data ( in the hopes that it may help some of your research. We’re collecting county-level covid stats (testing, hospitalizations, cases, deaths) from official sources, though mostly focusing on increasing data coverage for testing and hospitalizations, since those seem to be some of the most significant county-level data gaps right now. We currently have coverage for about 50% of the US population, and we’re building open source scrapers and working with state and county governments to get closer to 90%. You can access this data through csv download, REST API, GraphQL API, or Python, Julia, and R client libraries. Please feel free to explore this data, and if you have particular geographies that you’re interested in and see an official source for, let us know so we can continue to improve our coverage!

If my team can help, please let me know.

@Austin_L_Wright_Univ_of_Chicago we’d love to chat and see how we could collaborate! i’ll DM you