Citation Requirements for Patterns Data

As you know, SafeGraph stopped publishing Weekly, Monthly, and Neighborhood Patterns data at the end of 2022. At that time, the also assigned all of their existing Patterns licenses to Advan, including Dewey’s.

As a result, any research yet-to-be published using the Patterns data previously made available by SafeGraph should now cite Advan Research (website) as the source.

For more information on how to cite this dataset, please visit:

Has Safegraph stopped producing this data or do they make this data available through Advan?

SafeGraph no longer produces Patterns. Advan produces their own version of it.

Is there canonical documentation for the new Advan versions? All I can find are SG’s old docs (marked as “Legacy Product”), which seem to be mostly correct…
E.g., Neighborhood Patterns

Advan does not have a publicly available URL for their documentation.

We’ve previously shared a few PDFs they published regarding their documentation: