Census Block Group SafeGraph Pattern Data

I don’t have a geographical background and trying to combine Safegraph pattern datasets with other datasets for my research. I have the following two questions, and highly appreciate it if anyone could introduce any sources that I can learn more about CBGs.

1- How can I turn the specific location with latitude-longitude information into the CB ID number introduced by Safegraph?
EX/ Imagin I have this latitude and longitude info (40.930353,-72.682518), which CB ID defined by the Safegraph pattern will be allocated to this point-based location? (There is a column in Safegraph pattern data as POI CB, I want my other datasets to be matched with this ID).

2- Apart from the demographic feature provided by SafeGraph’s Open Census Data, are there any sources available about these CBs like the land-use data (I am trying to assign the land functionality like entertainment, and residential to these CB groups).

Thank you!