Can someone help explain raw_visit_counts column in the patterns dataset?

Hello! I was looking at the column descriptions for a patterns dataset, particularly raw_visit_counts column. It states that “Number of visits to this POI in our panel during the date range. We roughly see 2% of actual.” This means only 2% of actual visits are picked up and recorded in this dataset? Is this a consistent average 2%? so theoretically you could multiply that value by 50 to get a rough estimation of the actual amount of raw visits per month? Or does anyone know if this amount varies widely so a calculation such as that would grossly misrepresent the data? It would seem that this would be an impractical value to do any sort of analysis with if it is such a small amount of the true amount of visitors.

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Hey @Henry_Adams ! Thanks for reaching out. That figure does not necessarily indicate that you should multiply by 50. Our coverage can vary by POI. For individual POIs, our coverage of the the true number of visits varies based on a number of factors, but it’s hard to know the “true” coverage rate ahead of time. You might check out this previous conversation about a similar topic:

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