Can I reference SafeGraph data in my thesis?

Hello All, I have a (hopefully) quick question about publishing a paper with SafeGraph data! I have an embargo on my masters thesis for two years since I plan to publish a paper using similar methodologies and do not want those methods released prematurely to the public. However, I know that I signed an agreement with SafeGraph promising to discard of the data I downloaded after one year. I definitely intend to do that, but will it be a problem if my thesis (which used the same SafeGraph) data is published two years later? Will that be considered a breach of this agreement (even though the raw SafeGraph data is not in my thesis, it’s just that the thesis’ results are derived from that data)? Thanks! Arianna, MSCE student, Purdue University

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Hey @Arianna_Rambaram_Purdue_University ! Should not be a problem if you want to publish your paper later down the line. Since you’re not sharing raw SafeGraph data, it should be fine. Thanks for asking!

Thanks for the quick response, Niki. I actually have another question now because I want to make sure I’m being accurate when I say no raw data is in my thesis.

What exactly constitutes “raw SafeGraph data”? Would the tallying of POIs classified by their six-digit NAICS codes be considered sharing SafeGraph’s raw data, especially since SafeGraph comes up with the NAICS codes for each POI? I have a table in my thesis’ appendix that tabulates the NAICS codes of all POIs in Indianapolis, IN. Is that “raw data”? The only variable I used to represent the POIs in the table is the NAICS code, and since the study is based in Indianapolis I suppose someone reading my thesis could infer that the lat and lon coordinates of the POI are somewhere in Indianapolis, but other than that there is no other variable associated with the POIs. In other words, the table does not include placekeys, brand names, or any other variable. It has a column for six-digit NAICS codes and another column summing the number of each six-digit NAICS code found in the Core Places, Indianapolis, IN, USA dataset.

Thanks for the clarification. That would be permitted under your academic license. I would not say that’s raw data. Big thank you for checking!

Okay great. Thank you!

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