Can I publish a paper when the publication asks to share some SafeGraph data?

Hello, I have a question about SafeGraph data. Our paper about analysis of SafeGraph data was accepted for a publication. But here is the issue. They ask us to share some data.

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Hey @Olga_Buchel_NECSI - first off, congrats! Presumably, the data they’ve asked you to share would be raw data?

No. it is a derivative

I’ll give you the link to the GitHub now

Here is how it looks: Style circles with a data-driven property

We give reference to the original data.

Ahh, I see! As long as you’re not circulating raw data publicly, it is within the terms of service that you agreed to in our data usage agreement. Cool work, by the way!

However, can I ask you for a favor? Can you share this work in show-the-community? Would love to highlight it and share it through our Data Stories Substack!

Thanks! Sure! We have a couple other publications, I will share too.

Amazing!! :raised_hands: Please do!! Excited to learn more about them in show-the-community!

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