Can anyone tell us what might be going on with the match function when uploading a CSV?

Hello, and I are getting the following problem with the match function after uploading a CSV with more than 39k placekey. Can anyone tell us what might be going on?

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Our Community Manager, @Niki_Kaz , will take a look at this early tomorrow and respond with an update. I’m sorry that you and @Yiwen_Lu_Tsinghua_University are experiencing this issue.

Hey ! Again, apologies for bouncing you around and for the issues that your team has been running into.

You’re seeing that error because there are zero records that our Match service was able to match against your .csv. Shop will display that error when you go to checkout with zero records.

Currently, the name and address features are doing a lot of the heavy lifting in our match algorithm. So if your file is missing both of those features, the match rate will likely not be very high. I saw that your .csv file was only Placekeys and as a result, you’re not seeing any matches. We are working on improving this and appreciate any feedback you have.

If you’re able to, I’d recommend adding the name and/or address to these Placekeys and refeed it through the match service. You should see a much higher return of matched records the second time.

You might already be familiar with this docs page, but just going to drop the link for our resources on Match here:

Let me know if that answers your question!

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