Can anyone explain why this is?

Also, I downloaded the Core Places data for “Indianapolis, IN, US”. The “City” variable is “Indianapolis” for 15,543 rows out of the 16,407 total rows. The other 864 rows are other non-Indianapolis cities. Can anyone explain why this is?
Similarly, the “Region” variable is “IN” for all 16,407 rows except one. Row #12640’s region is “CA”. Can you please explain this as well? I need to know if I should filter these out of my dataset before I proceed with my analyses. Thanks a bunch!

@Arianna_Rambaram_Purdue_University Were you using any categories to filter the data. I’m trying to replicate your data on my end.

I just clicked on the “Sort and Filter” button in Excel (under the Home ribbon) and noticed that the City column and Region column had some inputs I didn’t expect to be there.

sorry I meant when you were downloading the data, did you have anything selected under the categories tab or the brands tab. Or did you only have Indianapolis selected and nothing else?

Ahh okay. No worries. I just selected “Indianapolis, IN, US” in the “Locations (USA, Canada and United Kingdom)” box. I left “Brands” and “Categories” empty,

One more followup: what was the date range for the data you downloaded?

I don’t see a date range. What column is that?

disregard that question It seems that you’re not being asked to select a range of dates. I’ll look into if I can replicate this issue on my end and get back to you.

Okay thanks a bunch! Let me know if you need any help. I can hop on a zoom call as well and share my screen if that’s easier

Hey, @Arianna_Rambaram_Purdue_University I see this issue as well. I have escalated the issue to the product team. For now, just drop the rows that don’t belong and use only the data pertaining to Indianapolis

Let me know If you have further questions.

Hi @Pranav_Thaenraj_SafeGraph Thanks for getting back to me. Will do. How long do you anticipate it will take them to get back to you with an answer