Can a place in Core Places dataset have more than 1 ‘placekeys’?

Hi. Can a place in Core Places dataset have more than 1 ‘placekeys’? For Ex: The location name = ‘AT&T Stadium’ (Arlington, TX) has 2 placekeys and 2 safegraph_place_ids. Latitude and Longitude, Street Address, City etc. are the same. Another name: ‘Dewey’s Beer Garden’ (Corpus Christi, TX). And Another: ‘Jones AT&T Stadium’ (in Lubbock, TX). Just curious, as I thought placekey is unique for a given location. Let me know if I’m missing something.

@Harsha_Kamatham_University_of_Manitoba - broadly there shouldn’t be but sometimes there are bugs in the Core Places file :slightly_smiling_face: - can you pass over the duplicate placekey and sgpids ?

Thank you @ross_epstein_safegraph. Here are the details. AT&T Stadium
zzw-222@5qw-vxp-dvz, sg:f8028273b04e48b7b2cf27d2079bb44f
zzy-222@5qw-vxp-h89, sg:d1ee1cd6128d4a8cb1c9c5bf4dacda49

Jones AT&T Stadium
zzy-222@5r4-38n-b6k, sg:50903a32625e46dc855fe394a05efbed
zzy-222@5r4-38n-b8v, sg:0eca4f4677864754bf0f34b06a7cf7ef

Dewey’s Beer Garden
223-223@8sx-ycj-rhq, sg:1058b031a9e447b08f4cddbe60d617cd
225-222@8sx-ycj-rhq, sg:5d53a7c9681948f1835fa9327e545483

thanks for this @Harsha_Kamatham_University_of_Manitoba! went ahead and cut this as bug!

@ross_epstein_safegraph, is it possible that placekey observations found using the matching service might not be found in the Core Places datasets? I used the matching service to generate placekeys and place_ids for some data. I get all the details, but when I try to lookup some placekeys in the Core Places dataset from Nov release, I can’t seem to find them. Ex: 222-222@5qw-vzy-xnq,
222-223@8sz-tzc-3bk. Thank You.

@Harsha_Kamatham_University_of_Manitoba - in what i’m looking at i’m seeing a handful of these in the november release. Novrozskys Hamburgers, El Re’taco. want to try backing into a text search on the name to see what’s going on?

@ross_epstein_safegraph I’ll take a look. Text search might be time consuming though.