Are Western European countries excluded from `visitor_country_of_origin` in weekly patterns? GDPR?

Are Western European countries excluded from visitor_country_of_origin in weekly patterns? GDPR?

Hi @Jude_Bayham_Colorado_State_U, to my knowledge they are not, what has prompted the inquiry?

Trying to understand international visitation to ski resorts in Colorado. We see plenty of visitation from many countries, but nothing from the UK, France, Spain (Jan 2019 - recent). I’ll check the data pull again. If it continues I’ll post the list of sg_ids.

Perfect. thanks @Jude_Bayham_Colorado_State_U

Hi @Jude_Bayham_Colorado_State_U, just checking in, did you have time to check the pull again and see if the results were the same?

Ill look into it and get back! Thanks @Jude_Bayham_Colorado_State_U

Ok @Jude_Bayham_Colorado_State_U so you are correct that European Countries are excluded. SafeGraph is not taking in data from GDPR countries. also, most of the apps are U.S. apps so the international country of origin data will be limited.

Sorry for the delay!

Thanks for confirming this!