April 2022 Datathon project: SF & JAX Places

SafeGraph April 2022 Datathon

SafeGraph Datathons allow members of the community to work on mini data science projects using SafeGraph data…

The Challenge

A tale of two cities

SafeGraph Datathons allow members of the community to work on mini data science projects using SafeGraph data.

Challenge: The focus of this datathon will be to use SafeGraph data to compare the make-up of places in these two cities; San Francisco, CA & Jacksonville, FL. These two cities were selected because they’re of similar population size but ideologically different, made even more apparent by their responses to the pandemic.

For this challenge, identify & compare the places in these two cities. Questions might be; do they have similar percentages of categories, have they seen the same kinds of places close since the pandemic, are the same brands present at the same rate?


Winner’s of the April 2022 will receive:

  • $200 gift card
  • SafeGraph Swag
  • Project featured on SafeGraph site


This challenge will feature our flagship dataset, Places.

SafeGraph’s Places data provides baseline information for every record in the product suite, including location name, address, lat/long, category, brand, and more.

Getting Started

Download the data

Access the dataset in the popular searches section in the SafeGraph Shop. Please ensure you have an account and note that your credentials will work to log into the shop and this community.

SafeGraph Community

Go to the SafeGraph Community to get help from experienced SafeGraph users. By now, you should have an account with the SafeGraph Shop. You can use the same credentials to log into the Community.

To see common questions from our users, go to the Help category. If you have a question, try searching in the Community before starting a new topic.

Docs & Schema

You can see the full schema and other important details for each dataset here:

Data Science Resources

This repository of tutorials and demonstrations help data scientists get value faster with SafeGraph data. Topics include panel normalization, common use cases for SafeGraph, how to integrate SafeGraph with data science platforms, and more.

Submitting Projects

To submit your projects, please share your work in the Community Datathons Category category. Create a new topic for your submission and please include:

  • A brief overview of your project; the questions you sought to answer, your findings.
  • (Extra credit) Link to Google Colab/Jupyter notebook of your code and process.


Projects will be judged on the following:

  • Creativity & Innovation (novelty of the approach)
  • Technology (quality of code, technical and analytical skills demonstrated)