Any one knows a reliable BIN dataset?

Any one knows a reliable BIN dataset?

what is a “BIN dataset?”

a dataset that can tell you the name of the bank that issued the card (VIsa, Mc…). “bank identification number”. There are some websites like Exactbin or binbase, fraudasset that offer this kind of information but i am not sure how reliable they are.

Hi @Angie_Dabu_University_of_Delaware , I am not sure if consumer spending data would include that or not, but here are a few links that might expedite your quest:

this website has a few for you to choose from, mostly from facteus or afinity - -

Worth checking out. I believe most of these companies offer demos for you to use some of their data to determine if it is right for you project before buying.

This thread may also be useful:

Alternatively, here is a sheet I created a while back with purchase dataset options

haven’t used any but here’s a few i’ve found:
• more here - data request - Credit card metadata database - Open Data Stack Exchange

Thank you very much for the links @ross_epstein_safegraph and @Jack_Lindsay_Kraken1 . However im looking for a dataset that starts from 2004.