Any data sources on peer to peer lending?

any data sources on peer to peer lending? Thanks

@Angie_Dabu_University_of_Delaware The lending club and Prosper appear to be the two biggest US peer to peer lending data providers. In UK I found THIS. Also, can you change your name to be “First_Name Last_Name (Organization/Affiliation)“? This would facilitate better communication. Please see the community guidelines HERE. Thank you.

Thank you! Is their data public? Do you know whether I can access it? I searched for it but couldn’t find anything to download.

@Angie_Dabu_University_of_Delaware I haven’t used their data personally, but I think you need to set up an account with both the U.S. providers. First you sign up for an account HERE and HERE, then you can download by signing in HERE and HERE.

Thank you for your help and for your time!