Announcing SafeGraph Community Datathons

We’re excited to kick off a new series in the SafeGraph Community. :partying_face:

Starting in February, we’ll be hosting a recurring monthly datathon with a different dataset and topic. Test your skills, become a SafeGraph data expert, and most importantly, win prizes for cool data projects! :moneybag:

The SafeGraph Community Datathon will kick off on the first of each month, and participants will have until the end of the month to submit their projects. Our first datathon will start next Tuesday on February 1, 2022.

Be sure to come back to the SafeGraph Community on Tuesday (Feb 1) to see the prompt for our first datathon. Hint: it has something to do with a big holiday in February. :heartbeat:

:point_right:If you would like to sign up ahead of time, please join our February 2022 Datathon group. :point_left:

We’ll be posting announcements, reminders, and helpful tutorials during the datathon.

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