Advan Monthly Patterns panel: summing devices_residing across CBGs within County?

I’m working with Neighborhood Patterns (NP) to estimate monthly traffic between counties. My core question is very similar to an older post SafeGraph thread [1] (which also provides some important context). My goal is to normalize traffic flow by the total monthly “resident” devices in each origin county.

In particular, I’m unsure about the panel here. From the available docs [2], we have:
number_devices_residing and number_devices_primary_daytime. Can these counts, like home location, can be summed across CBGs within a county? Put another way, is it possible for a device to reside in multiple CBGs within a single month?

[1] Any insights/suggestions in dealing with differences in mobility in the SDM and Neighborhood Patterns datasets?.
[2] Neighborhood Patterns
– Note: these docs are marked “Legacy Product”, but I can’t find any updated docs from Advan, and the overall NP schema appears unchanged.

Hey Christian, home/daytime assignment is unique per device per month so numbers can be added to get county level panels.

Let me know if this helps!