About PDI Technologies

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PDI Technologies (formerly Skupos) provides SKU-level POS data from tens of thousands of independent convenience stores across the United States - nearly 80% of the market. Now unlocked for use in academia, this transaction data provides unparalleled insight into consumer behavior, economic trends, and more compelling research topics.

In total there are 10 datasets that relate to each other with unique identifiers for shoppers, stores, transactions, and payments. These combined files make up the entire Convenience Store Transaction Dataset. Please see related datasets below to access the other information available to subscribers.

  • USA
  • 2021 - Present

Sample Usage
PDI Technologies (formerly Skupos) POS data can be used for the following:

  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Average Market Basket Size and Revenue
  • Average Weekly Packaged Beverage Market Basket Sizes
  • Distribution Analysis
  • Pricing Analysis