A request for getting free Geometry data for Academics

First of all, I would like to thank you for providing great data for academic research.

Could you please allow me not to be charged for Geometry data?
Thank you!

Hi @Eunkyung_An_New_York_University_NYU - we can usually accommodate small requests of Geometry data. What geography, brand, or category of Geometry data do you need? If it’s an amount we can authorize, we can manually push the data to your account.

Thanks, Niki for the quick response!

Would it be possible to get the Geometry data for Pittsburgh, PA MSA, US area? Could you please include closed places as well because my research needs to take a look at data starting from 2019?
Thank you.

Just pushed to your account. Can you confirm if you see it on your end?

Thank you so much! Yes, I can see the download link and download it.