$0.5 minimum purchase requirement

Hi there,

I tried to download core and pattern data from the Safegraph shop using the academic license. But I cannot click the checkout button due to the $0.5 minimum purchase requirement. I read a previous post addressing the same issue (A request for geometry data and other data - Help - Dewey Community), and log out and back following Niki’s suggestion. But the problem does not disappear. Could you solve the issue for me?

Thank you so much!

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Hey @Youngjae_Won_Arizona_State_University - thanks for flagging this. Our team is aware of this issue and working on getting a fix out shortly. Will circle back when it’s resolved. Thanks!

That would be great. Thank you, Niki!

I have the same issue. Thanks Niki if you can give some help!

Hi @SONGHUA_HU_University_of_Maryland_College_Park - this should be resolved. Can you check again?

I can download the data now. Thanks a lot, Niki!